As the world seems to be maturing the idea of discussing, and even allowing the use of marijuana, popular culture can bring about this change.
For years it has been used fantastically in popular culture, although it is usually still taboo. While some parts of popular culture in the past painted marijuana as a form of diabolical crime, others sold it as a glow of happiness.
So how has recent popular culture helped map the image of marijuana?
Are people susceptible to the Reefer Madness view? Or rather Cheech and Chong’s?

Everybody’s enjoying smoke
Popular culture seems to be fighting now to rebel marijuana, everyone seems to be with it. Celebrities no longer seem to try to hide that they love their smoke and arrive in all forms of culture. Major music stars like Rihanna, Justin Bieber , Miley Cyrus , etc, they don’t care that they know who like their smoke. Taking into account that these stars who have a status similar to are viewed as “models” on the part of the society, the popular culture, certainly not in the places these consumers smoke into the category of shocking.
In fact, it seems that these celebrities move many people to try it or break the old stereotype of cannabis smoker. When popular culture drew the fumetas or stoners in the past, it glued them to a chair with incomprehensible murmurs or crazy thoughts. Popular culture probably never expected modern models of cannabis to be one day successful and so active.
The idea of the popular culture of a lazy stoner or stoner is extinguished when we see a lot of people who are so healthy, so active and successful. And that’s not a bad thing. The past stereotype of fumeta has its place, but not when trying to promote the positive side in popular culture.

Best of all, the label’s already gone. They don’t live in a basement, or have hair with 60% fat and are not brilliant video game players.

Gone are the days of the stereotype prevalent consumer. Frankly, most people know individuals who use it, Love Success, and have a clean life. It’s not just those who drop out of high school getting “blind,” there are also many who like good principles.
The age of popular culture that consumers like painting as an alternative to living in the real world (having a job, paying their bills, being an adult) has already disappeared. There is a huge diversity of people you can find today who advocate marijuana as could be Danny DeVito , Snoop Dogg , Hugh Heffner ,Jennifer Aniston , Melissa Etheridge , Lady Gaga to name someone famous out there, and it’s easy to see why the popular culture to fight for a new image to do this.
Now the culture is close to how you smoke, how you enjoy it, and what you do with it. The image or stereotype of the marijuana user for popular culture has gone from being a form of “smoke thrown by the sofa” to showing the existence of so many different lifestyles, personalities and talents that enjoy a puff.
The stigma is gone, and so has the stereotype, it is a new era and they are consumers in today’s times.