For those who are not very aware of everything related to cannabis, it might be easy to imagine that there are large and fundamental differences between the cannabis plants cultivated for consumption for recreational and medical use. However, this is not the case. It is little or no difference in the plant itself-it may be the same plant.

Ideally, cannabis for medical use has been cultivated organically and is analyzed for its potency, which reveals its precise composition. In addition, variety selection can be tailored to the needs of particular use, which is more important than just gliding. But beyond that, what decides the recreational or medical side of consumption is the intention behind consumption.
Differences in cannabinoid profiles vary from one variety to another, making some more suitable for one use. In general, varieties rich in CBD are often chosen because of their inherent benefits, while varieties with high THC levels are often preferred by recreational consumers.

However, borders are porous, and THC-rich varieties are consumed medically, while CBD-rich varieties are consumed for recreational purposes. In fact, some varieties considered to be among the best medical varieties for pain relief are the same varieties that you can find for sale here in Amsterdam in coffee shops for recreational use. Recreational and medical cannabis, it’s basically the same thing, it depends on the intention behind the use.

What do we mean? That it is the way you intend to use cannabis that determines the category to which it belongs – If, however, such a rigid differentiation makes sense. You can use cannabis to improve a health condition, and society tends to consider you a legitimate medical user, or you can use it recreationally, and society considers you a reprobate. In the end, however, this is the main difference between medical and recreational cannabis: the purpose for which you use the herb, and the way you see society.
Interestingly enough, the word “recreation” can quite obviously be deconstructed into “re-creation”, which we find quite appropriate for cannabis. When cannabis is used to relax and relax, allowing the body and mind to renew themselves in a pleasant way, it is considered to be ” re-creative “.

It is no exaggeration to consider recreational cannabis as a means to improve emotional well-being, while medical cannabis focuses more on improving physical health problems. But the boundaries are blurred because any use of cannabis is somewhere medical – or in this case “re-creative” – in its essence.
So as you can see, the boundary is not as obvious as it might seem. CBD may be present in high amounts in both medical and recreational grass, and this is the same for THC. The real difference is in the mind, and in the intent behind cannabis use – but these are limited perspectives, which when looked at closely, turn out to be subtle differences.

Of course, that’s just our humble opinion at Zamnesia, and if you have anything to add or disagree with, we’d be happy to hear what you have to say. Because in the end, it’s all about that – debating the issues surrounding cannabis in order to spread a better understanding of this wonderful plant.